Commit e83ed8fd authored by William Swanson's avatar William Swanson Committed by Jürg Billeter

libgsf-1: Use owned modifier instead of the deprecated # modifier

Fixes bug 581392.
parent 956f8bec
......@@ -38,9 +38,9 @@ namespace Gsf {
public weak string get_name ();
public weak GLib.Value? get_val ();
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public DocProp (string# name);
public void set_link (string# link);
public void set_val (GLib.Value# val);
public DocProp (owned string name);
public void set_link (owned string link);
public void set_val (owned GLib.Value val);
public GLib.Value swap_val (GLib.Value val);
[CCode (cheader_filename = "gsf/gsf-docprop-vector.h")]
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ namespace Gsf {
public weak Gsf.Input? sibling (string name) throws GLib.Error;
public Gsf.off_t size ();
public Gsf.off_t tell ();
public static Gsf.Input uncompress (Gsf.Input# src);
public static Gsf.Input uncompress (owned Gsf.Input src);
public int64 position { get; }
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