Commit b05fa332 authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

gtk+-3.0: Fix output parameter of SymbolicColor.resolve

parent 8a0070c5
......@@ -4776,7 +4776,7 @@ namespace Gtk {
public SymbolicColor.mix (Gtk.SymbolicColor color1, Gtk.SymbolicColor color2, double factor);
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public (string name);
public bool resolve (Gtk.StyleProperties props, Gdk.RGBA resolved_color);
public bool resolve (Gtk.StyleProperties props, out Gdk.RGBA resolved_color);
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public SymbolicColor.shade (Gtk.SymbolicColor color, double factor);
public unowned string to_string ();
......@@ -795,6 +795,7 @@ gtk_style_lookup_color.color is_out="1"
gtk_style_get_style_property.value is_out="1"
gtk_style_properties_register_property.parse_func nullable="1"
GtkStyleProviderPrivate hidden="1"
gtk_symbolic_color_resolve.resolved_color is_out="1"
GtkTable deprecated_since="3.4" replacement="Grid"
GtkTable:row-spacing accessor_method="0"
GtkTargetEntry is_value_type="1"
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