Commit 5ea5c260 authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

gdk-3.0, gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.9.11+

parent 5a09c0ab
......@@ -4587,9 +4587,12 @@ namespace Gdk {
public Cursor.from_name (Gdk.Display display, string name);
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public Cursor.from_pixbuf (Gdk.Display display, Gdk.Pixbuf pixbuf, int x, int y);
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public Cursor.from_surface (Gdk.Display display, Cairo.Surface surface, double x, double y);
public Gdk.CursorType get_cursor_type ();
public unowned Gdk.Display get_display ();
public Gdk.Pixbuf? get_image ();
public Cairo.Surface? get_surface (double x_hot, double y_hot);
[Deprecated (since = "3.0")]
public Gdk.Cursor @ref ();
[Deprecated (since = "3.0")]
......@@ -2282,16 +2282,19 @@ namespace Gtk {
[CCode (has_construct_function = false, type = "GtkWidget*")]
public HeaderBar ();
public unowned Gtk.Widget get_custom_title ();
public bool get_show_close_button ();
public unowned string get_subtitle ();
public unowned string get_title ();
public void pack_end (Gtk.Widget child);
public void pack_start (Gtk.Widget child);
public void set_custom_title (Gtk.Widget title_widget);
public void set_show_close_button (bool setting);
public void set_subtitle (string? subtitle);
public void set_title (string title);
public Gtk.Widget custom_title { get; set construct; }
public int hpadding { get; set; }
public bool show_close_button { get; set; }
public int spacing { get; set; }
public string subtitle { get; set; }
......@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ Window.get_frame_extents skip
// Should send upstream
add_option_entries_libgtk_only skip=false
.get_surface nullable
Device array array_length_idx=1
.get_axis_value.value out
......@@ -13228,6 +13228,12 @@
<parameter name="bar" type="GtkHeaderBar*"/>
<method name="get_show_close_button" symbol="gtk_header_bar_get_show_close_button">
<return-type type="gboolean"/>
<parameter name="bar" type="GtkHeaderBar*"/>
<method name="get_subtitle" symbol="gtk_header_bar_get_subtitle">
<return-type type="gchar*"/>
......@@ -13264,6 +13270,13 @@
<parameter name="title_widget" type="GtkWidget*"/>
<method name="set_show_close_button" symbol="gtk_header_bar_set_show_close_button">
<return-type type="void"/>
<parameter name="bar" type="GtkHeaderBar*"/>
<parameter name="setting" type="gboolean"/>
<method name="set_subtitle" symbol="gtk_header_bar_set_subtitle">
<return-type type="void"/>
......@@ -13280,6 +13293,7 @@
<property name="custom-title" type="GtkWidget*" readable="1" writable="1" construct="1" construct-only="0"/>
<property name="hpadding" type="gint" readable="1" writable="1" construct="0" construct-only="0"/>
<property name="show-close-button" type="gboolean" readable="1" writable="1" construct="0" construct-only="0"/>
<property name="spacing" type="gint" readable="1" writable="1" construct="0" construct-only="0"/>
<property name="subtitle" type="char*" readable="1" writable="1" construct="0" construct-only="0"/>
<property name="title" type="char*" readable="1" writable="1" construct="0" construct-only="0"/>
......@@ -33394,14 +33408,14 @@
<constant name="GTK_BINARY_AGE" type="int" value="910"/>
<constant name="GTK_BINARY_AGE" type="int" value="911"/>
<constant name="GTK_INPUT_ERROR" type="int" value="-1"/>
<constant name="GTK_INTERFACE_AGE" type="int" value="0"/>
<constant name="GTK_LEVEL_BAR_OFFSET_HIGH" type="char*" value="high"/>
<constant name="GTK_LEVEL_BAR_OFFSET_LOW" type="char*" value="low"/>
<constant name="GTK_MAJOR_VERSION" type="int" value="3"/>
<constant name="GTK_MAX_COMPOSE_LEN" type="int" value="7"/>
<constant name="GTK_MICRO_VERSION" type="int" value="10"/>
<constant name="GTK_MICRO_VERSION" type="int" value="11"/>
<constant name="GTK_MINOR_VERSION" type="int" value="9"/>
<constant name="GTK_PAPER_NAME_A3" type="char*" value="iso_a3"/>
<constant name="GTK_PAPER_NAME_A4" type="char*" value="iso_a4"/>
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