Commit 4d3b6967 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

gtk+-3.0: Mark Gtk.Application.remove_accelerator() parameter as nullable

parent f3aeabaf
/* gtk+-3.0.vapi generated by vapigen, do not modify. */
/* gtk+-3.0.vapi generated by lt-vapigen, do not modify. */
[CCode (gir_namespace = "Gtk", gir_version = "3.0")]
namespace Gtk {
......@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ namespace Gtk {
public unowned GLib.List<weak Gtk.Window> get_windows ();
public uint inhibit (Gtk.Window? window, Gtk.ApplicationInhibitFlags flags, string? reason);
public bool is_inhibited (Gtk.ApplicationInhibitFlags flags);
public void remove_accelerator (string action_name, GLib.Variant parameter);
public void remove_accelerator (string action_name, GLib.Variant? parameter);
public void remove_window (Gtk.Window window);
public void set_app_menu (GLib.MenuModel app_menu);
public void set_menubar (GLib.MenuModel menubar);
......@@ -1312,5 +1312,6 @@ gtk_render_layout deprecated_since="vala-0.16" replacement="StyleContext.render_
gtk_render_line deprecated_since="vala-0.16" replacement="StyleContext.render_line"
gtk_render_option deprecated_since="vala-0.16" replacement="StyleContext.render_option"
gtk_render_slider deprecated_since="vala-0.16" replacement="StyleContext.render_slider"
gtk_application_remove_accelerator.parameter nullable="1"
*._g_sealed__* hidden="1"
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