Commit 486586f8 authored by Paolo Borelli's avatar Paolo Borelli

gtk+-3.0: add gtk_list_box_prepend

parent 0d6f3a6d
......@@ -2852,6 +2852,7 @@ namespace Gtk {
public void invalidate_filter ();
public void invalidate_headers ();
public void invalidate_sort ();
public void prepend (Gtk.Widget child);
public void select_row (Gtk.ListBoxRow? row);
public void set_activate_on_single_click (bool single);
public void set_adjustment (Gtk.Adjustment? adjustment);
......@@ -15632,6 +15632,13 @@
<constructor name="new" symbol="gtk_list_box_new">
<return-type type="GtkWidget*"/>
<method name="prepend" symbol="gtk_list_box_prepend">
<return-type type="void"/>
<parameter name="list_box" type="GtkListBox*"/>
<parameter name="child" type="GtkWidget*"/>
<method name="select_row" symbol="gtk_list_box_select_row">
<return-type type="void"/>
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