Commit 33f64879 authored by Jesse van den Kieboom's avatar Jesse van den Kieboom

gtk+ 3.0 vapi: make Gtk.Range.get_range_rect return rect
parent 47305de8
......@@ -3817,7 +3817,7 @@ namespace Gtk {
public int get_min_slider_size ();
public virtual void get_range_border (Gtk.Border border_);
public void get_range_rect (Gdk.Rectangle range_rect);
public Gdk.Rectangle get_range_rect ();
public bool get_restrict_to_fill_level ();
public int get_round_digits ();
public bool get_show_fill_level ();
......@@ -678,6 +678,8 @@ nullable="1" type_arguments="RadioToo type_arguments="RadioToolButton"
gtk_range_get_slider_range.slider_start is_out="1"
gtk_range_get_slider_range.slider_end is_out="1"
gtk_range_get_range_rect type_name="Gdk.Rectangle"
gtk_range_get_range_rect.range_rect hidden="1"
gtk_recent_chooser_set_sort_func.sort_func transfer_ownership="1"
gtk_recent_chooser_set_sort_func.sort_data hidden="1"
gtk_recent_chooser_set_sort_func.data_destroy hidden="1"
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