Commit 072d1ebf authored by Evan Nemerson's avatar Evan Nemerson

gtk+-3.0: make TextIter.copy return value nullable

Fixes bug 732884.
parent 2a0babbd
......@@ -7493,7 +7493,7 @@ namespace Gtk {
public bool begins_tag (Gtk.TextTag? tag);
public bool can_insert (bool default_editability);
public int compare (Gtk.TextIter rhs);
public Gtk.TextIter copy ();
public Gtk.TextIter? copy ();
public bool editable (bool default_setting);
public bool ends_line ();
public bool ends_sentence ();
......@@ -922,6 +922,7 @@ gtk_text_iter_backward_search.match_end is_out="1"
gtk_text_iter_backward_search.limit nullable="1"
gtk_text_iter_backward_to_tag_toggle.tag nullable="1"
gtk_text_iter_begins_tag.tag nullable="1"
gtk_text_iter_copy nullable="1" transfer_ownership="1"
gtk_text_iter_ends_tag.tag nullable="1"
gtk_text_iter_forward_find_char.limit nullable="1"
gtk_text_iter_forward_search.match_start is_out="1"
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