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    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      flatpak: Add builddir: true to manifest · 42e1d50f
      Christopher Davis authored
      GNOME Builder carries a re-implementation of flatpak-builder.
      flatpak-builder assumes that builddir is true for meson, but
      Builder does not since it also supports out-of-tree builds.
      This helps indicate to Builder that builddir can indeed be used.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Don't use globbing to find sources · c76a8b17
      Christopher Davis authored
      Previously we were using a script to grab our sources
      automatically. However, this was error-prone and meson
      didn't actually understand the output.
      Now we declare our sources manually. This helps meson
      know when to trigger a build based on what files have
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: hook up tests with meson · f4ce5e7c
      Christopher Davis authored
      Adds our cargo test to meson's testing system so that
      `ninja test` runs it in addition to our resource validation tests.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      CI: create blank versions of configured files before lint · 7f351958
      Christopher Davis authored
      Required now that we have dynamically generated
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Place target in meson build dir · 91903749
      Christopher Davis authored
      Instead of putting target/ and in the source
      directory, we can tell our cargo script to put both target
      and our cargo-home in meson's build directory. This means
      that when triggering a rebuild through meson via tooling
      like Builder, Fractal will actually rebuild.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: use add_dist_script for vendoring · 63528416
      Christopher Davis authored
      Our workaround for getting meson and cargo working together
      included a separate 'release' target that replaced
      'ninja dist' so that we could vendor dependencies.
      Now we use meson's add_dist_script to vendor the
      dependencies as part of 'ninja dist', so we no longer need
      the 'release' target.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Build resources with meson instead of build.rs · 7b1734af
      Christopher Davis authored
      Allows us to get rid of build.rs, which was only used to
      compile resources. static_resource.rs is now created by
      meson, and the meson path is used for include_bytes!.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Use config.rs instead of env! macro · bd4d7b88
      Christopher Davis authored
      Previously we were using the env! macro to determine
      build-time variables like version, app ID, and locale dir.
      Instead of relying on env vars, we can create a configuration
      file with meson and import it.
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