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readme: Add "Frequently Asked Questions" section

There is a set of questions that users frequently ask when contacting
us. Since these questions are asked so commonly, they should be in a
place where potential users can quickly find the answer.
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Full reference in: <\_server/r0.2.0.html#m-room-message-msgtypes>
## Frequently Asked Questions
* Does Fractal have encryption support? Will it ever?
Fractal does not currently have encryption support, but
does plan to implement it some day. There are details
about the encryption flow for the Matrix team to work out,
and bindings for the encryption library, olm, need to
be created.
* Can I run Fractal with the window closed?
Currently Fractal does not support this. Fractal is a
GNOME application, and accordingly adheres GNOME
guidlines and paradigms. This will be revisited if or
when GNOME gets a "Do Not Disturb" feature.
## The origin of Fractal
This project is based on Fest <>, formerly called ruma-gtk.
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