Commit 2e560934 authored by Daniel García Moreno's avatar Daniel García Moreno

Backend: Fill the gap in room messages after sync

The sync give us all new messages after the previous sync, but
sometimes, if there's a lot of time between syncs (after suspend and
resume, or long disconnections) the sync only returns the lasts
messages, and there's a gap that we need to fill.
parent 01130c45
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ pub fn sync(bk: &Backend) -> Result<(), Error> {
// Message events
match get_rooms_timeline_from_json(&baseu, &r) {
match get_rooms_timeline_from_json(&baseu, &r, tk.clone(), since.clone()) {
Ok(msgs) => tx.send(BKResponse::RoomMessages(msgs)).unwrap(),
Err(err) => tx.send(BKResponse::RoomMessagesError(err)).unwrap(),
......@@ -295,16 +295,34 @@ pub fn get_rooms_from_json(r: &JsonValue, userid: &str, baseu: &Url) -> Result<V
pub fn get_rooms_timeline_from_json(baseu: &Url, r: &JsonValue) -> Result<Vec<Message>, Error> {
pub fn get_rooms_timeline_from_json(baseu: &Url,
r: &JsonValue,
tk: String,
prev_batch: String)
-> Result<Vec<Message>, Error> {
let rooms = &r["rooms"];
let join = rooms["join"].as_object().ok_or(Error::BackendError)?;
let mut msgs: Vec<Message> = vec![];
for k in join.keys() {
let room = join.get(k).ok_or(Error::BackendError)?;
if let (Some(true), Some(pb)) = (room["timeline"]["limited"].as_bool(),
room["timeline"]["prev_batch"].as_str()) {
let pbs = pb.to_string();
let fill_the_gap = fill_room_gap(baseu,
for m in fill_the_gap {
let timeline = room["timeline"]["events"].as_array();
if timeline.is_none() {
return Ok(msgs);
let events = timeline.unwrap()
......@@ -776,6 +794,56 @@ pub fn get_initial_room_messages(baseu: &Url,
Ok((ms, nstart, nend))
/// Recursive function that tries to get all messages in a room from a batch id to a batch id,
/// following the response pagination
pub fn fill_room_gap(baseu: &Url,
tk: String,
roomid: String,
from: String,
to: String)
-> Result<Vec<Message>, Error> {
let mut ms: Vec<Message> = vec![];
let nend;
let mut params = vec![
("dir", strn!("f")),
("limit", format!("{}", globals::PAGE_LIMIT)),
("access_token", tk.clone()),
params.push(("from", from.clone()));
params.push(("to", to.clone()));
let path = format!("rooms/{}/messages", roomid);
let url = client_url!(baseu, &path, params)?;
let r = json_q("get", &url, &json!(null), globals::TIMEOUT)?;
nend = String::from(r["end"].as_str().unwrap_or(""));
let array = r["chunk"].as_array();
if array.is_none() || array.unwrap().len() == 0 {
return Ok(ms);
for msg in array.unwrap().iter() {
if msg["type"].as_str().unwrap_or("") != "" {
let m = parse_room_message(&baseu, roomid.clone(), msg);
// loading more until no more messages
let more = fill_room_gap(baseu, tk, roomid, nend, to)?;
for m in more.iter() {
ms.insert(0, m.clone());
pub fn build_url(base: &Url, path: &str, params: Vec<(&str, String)>) -> Result<Url, Error> {
let mut url = base.join(path)?;
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