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#!/bin/env python3
# Note: To parallelize this, the cubic to quadratic filter could be run on all sources
# sequentially and the resulting single-layer UFOs written to disk, then compiling the
# masters could be done in parallel and finally, merging into a variable font happens
# sequentially.
import argparse
import tempfile
import subprocess
import os
from pathlib import Path
import cffsubr
import fontTools.designspaceLib
import fontTools.varLib
import fontTools.ttLib
import statmake.classes
import statmake.lib
import ufo2ft
import ufoLib2
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
"designspace_path", type=Path, help="The path to the Designspace file."
"stylespace_path", type=Path, help="The path to the Stylespace file."
"psautohint_path", type=Path, help="The path to the psautohint executable."
parser.add_argument("output_path", type=Path, help="The variable TTF output path.")
args = parser.parse_args()
designspace_path = args.designspace_path.resolve()
stylespace_path = args.stylespace_path.resolve()
output_path = args.output_path.resolve()
psautohint_path = args.psautohint_path.resolve()
# 1. Load Designspace and filter out instances that are marked as non-exportable.
designspace = fontTools.designspaceLib.DesignSpaceDocument.fromfile(designspace_path)
designspace.instances = [
s for s in designspace.instances if s.lib.get("com.schriftgestaltung.export", True)
# 2. Compile variable OTF from the masters. Do not optimize, because we have to do
# it again after autohinting.
varfont = ufo2ft.compileVariableCFF2(
# 3. Generate STAT table.
stylespace = statmake.classes.Stylespace.from_file(stylespace_path)
statmake.lib.apply_stylespace_to_variable_font(stylespace, varfont, {})
# 4. Save. External tools after this point.
# 5. Autohint
subprocess.check_call([os.fspath(args.psautohint_path), os.fspath(output_path)])
# 6. Subroutinize (compress)
varfont = fontTools.ttLib.TTFont(output_path)
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