Update NEWS for 2.40.11

parent 655d8b06
Version 2.40.11
- Add project files for building on Visual Studio (bgo#753555). Work
by Chun-wei Fan.
- Added an "--export-id" option to rsvg-convert(1). This lets you
select a single object to export, for example, to pick out a group
from a multi-part drawing. Note that this is mostly useful for PNG
output right now; for SVG output we don't preserve many attributes
which could be useful in the extracted version. Doing this properly
requires an internal "output to SVG" backend instead of just telling
Cairo to render to SVG.
Version 2.40.10
- Fixed bgo#748608 - Memory leak when Gaussian-blurring. Thanks to
Carlos Garnacho for fixing my leaky code.
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