Commit 16b829d8 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Fix a typo

It is miscellaneous, not miscellaenous.
parent 1c420d79
......@@ -210,15 +210,15 @@ AC_SUBST([GTK_PREFIX],[$($PKG_CONFIG --variable=prefix gdk-pixbuf-2.0)])
AC_SUBST([CAIRO_PREFIX],[$($PKG_CONFIG --variable=prefix cairo)])
dnl ===========================================================================
dnl Do we build the miscellaenous tools provided with librsvg ?
dnl Do we build the miscellaneous tools provided with librsvg ?
[do not build miscellaenous tools [default=no]]),
[do not build miscellaneous tools [default=no]]),
AC_MSG_CHECKING(whether to build miscellaenous tools)
AC_MSG_CHECKING(whether to build miscellaneous tools)
if test "x$build_misc_tools" = "xyes" ; then
......@@ -298,5 +298,5 @@ librsvg-$VERSION
Build Vala bindings: ${enable_vala}
Build GdkPixbuf loader: ${enable_pixbuf_loader}
GTK+ $GTK3_REQUIRED or later: ${have_gtk_3}
Build miscellaenous tools: ${build_misc_tools}
Build miscellaneous tools: ${build_misc_tools}
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