Commit dbf8cbf3 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

namespace: fix namespace links and endpoint

parent 9a3b10d0
...@@ -824,9 +824,10 @@ girst_clink_full (const gchar *word, ...@@ -824,9 +824,10 @@ girst_clink_full (const gchar *word,
{ {
const gchar *nsname = find_namespace_name (dest); const gchar *name = girst_namespace_get_name (GIRST_NAMESPACE (dest));
const gchar *version = girst_namespace_get_version (GIRST_NAMESPACE (dest));
return g_strdup_printf (":ref:`%s <C:%s%s>`", word, nsname, section); return g_strdup_printf (":ref:`%s <C:%s-%s%s>`", word, name, version, section);
} }
return g_strdup (word); return g_strdup (word);
.. _{{}}-{{namespace.version}}:
{{require Girst version "1.0"}} {{require Girst version "1.0"}}
.. _C:{{}}-{{namespace.version}}:
{{Girst.title1(" "+namespace.version)}} {{Girst.title1(" "+namespace.version)}}
{{if repository.has_child_typed(Girst.Include)}} {{if repository.has_child_typed(Girst.Include)}}
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