Commit 62f6b0ef authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

function: use a table for parameters

parent 877e0756
......@@ -28,30 +28,13 @@
{{if function.has_child_typed(Girst.Parameters)}}
{{for param in function.get_parameters()}}
:Type: {{Girst.clink_full(param.get_lhs_ctype(), param.get_lhs(), "")}}
{{if param.direction && (param.direction != "in")}}
:Direction: {{param.direction}}
{{if param.nullable || param.allow_none}}
:Nullable: Yes
{{if param.transfer_ownership != "none"}}
:Transfer: {{param.transfer_ownership}}
.. csv-table::
:class: column1-right column1-code column2-code
:widths: 1, 1, 100
:escape: \
{{if param.has_child_typed(Girst.Doc)}}
{{param.first_typed(Girst.Doc).to_c(" ")}}
{{for param in function.get_parameters()}}
"{{Girst.clink_full(param.get_lhs_ctype(), param.get_lhs(), "")}}","{{}}","{{if param.has_child_typed(Girst.Doc)}}{{Girst.one_line(param.first_typed(Girst.Doc).inner_text, "c")}}{{end}} {{param.annotations()}}"
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