Commit 9ba5fbac authored by Yanko Kaneti's avatar Yanko Kaneti

search-provider: Workaround for crashes in gweather_location_serialize

gweather_location_serialize is currenty not ready to serialize cities
without children weather stations eg: Warangal

Skip those until we either get better serialization handling of those
in libgweather or we change how we produce the data for the search
provider interface
parent c3c0d8f6
......@@ -94,6 +94,11 @@ public class SearchProvider : Object {
string[] result = {};
matches.foreach ((location) => {
// FIXME: Avoid cities without children locations
if (location.get_level () == GWeather.LocationLevel.CITY &&
location.get_children().length == 0) {
// HACK: the search provider interface does not currently allow variants as result IDs
result += serialize_location (location);
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