Commit bbb41270 authored by Jan-Michael Brummer's avatar Jan-Michael Brummer Committed by Christian Hergert
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suggestions: Reorder text setting within suggestion activated

Clears text before signaling prevents accidential text removal.

Fixes: GNOME/libdazzle#17
parent 4e228680
......@@ -282,9 +282,9 @@ dzl_suggestion_entry_suggestion_activated (DzlSuggestionEntry *self,
g_assert (DZL_IS_SUGGESTION (suggestion));
g_assert (DZL_IS_SUGGESTION_POPOVER (popover));
gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (self), "");
g_signal_emit (self, signals [SUGGESTION_ACTIVATED], 0, suggestion);
g_signal_emit (self, signals [HIDE_SUGGESTIONS], 0);
gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (self), "");
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