Commit 267a594c authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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suggestion-popover: work around GtkListBox annoyance

For some reason, gtk_list_box_get_selected_row() can give us a different
result than what we just got from the signal emission. This works around
that by storing a private pointer to the new row and uses that instead of
the value from gtk_list_box_get_selected_row().

This makes the suggestion-activated signal more reliable.
parent f33607e1
......@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ struct _DzlSuggestionPopover
DzlListBox *list_box;
GtkBox *top_box;
/* Used for listbox workaround with selection ordering */
DzlSuggestionRow *tmp_selected_row;
DzlAnimation *scroll_anim;
GListModel *model;
......@@ -429,7 +432,13 @@ dzl_suggestion_popover_list_box_row_selected (DzlSuggestionPopover *self,
g_assert (!row || DZL_IS_SUGGESTION_ROW (row));
g_assert (GTK_IS_LIST_BOX (list_box));
/* GtkListBox doesn't necessarily give us @row back when we call
* gtk_list_box_get_selected_row(), so this workaround allows us
* to continue using that API after checking for this pointer.
self->tmp_selected_row = DZL_SUGGESTION_ROW (row);
g_object_notify_by_pspec (G_OBJECT (self), properties [PROP_SELECTED]);
self->tmp_selected_row = NULL;
static void
......@@ -1015,7 +1024,12 @@ dzl_suggestion_popover_get_selected (DzlSuggestionPopover *self)
g_return_val_if_fail (DZL_IS_SUGGESTION_POPOVER (self), NULL);
row = DZL_SUGGESTION_ROW (gtk_list_box_get_selected_row (GTK_LIST_BOX (self->list_box)));
/* Work around row selection wonkiness in GtkListBox */
if (self->tmp_selected_row)
row = self->tmp_selected_row;
row = DZL_SUGGESTION_ROW (gtk_list_box_get_selected_row (GTK_LIST_BOX (self->list_box)));
if (row != NULL)
return dzl_suggestion_row_get_suggestion (row);
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