Commit aec8c911 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
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shell: Add static shell library for testing purposes

Export shell functionality which panels may require for testing purposes
into a static library.
parent e91266a8
......@@ -119,5 +119,27 @@ libpanel_loader = static_library(
c_args: cflags + ['-DCC_PANEL_LOADER_NO_GTYPES']
# libshell_test
sources = files(
libtestshell = static_library(
include_directories: top_inc,
dependencies: common_deps + [ libwidgets_dep ],
c_args: cflags,
link_with: panels_libs
libtestshell_dep = declare_dependency(
include_directories: top_inc,
link_with: libtestshell
libtestshell_deps = common_deps + [ libwidgets_dep, libtestshell_dep ]
install_data ('org.gnome.ControlCenter.gschema.xml',
install_dir: control_center_schemadir)
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