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Detailed description of the issue. Put as much information as you can, potentially
with images showing the issue.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open GNOME Settings
2. Change X to something else
3. ...
# Current problems
What are the problems that the current project has?
For example:
* User cannot use the keyboard to perform most common actions
* User cannot see documents from cloud services
# Goals & use cases
What are the use cases that this proposal will cover? What are the end goals?
For example:
* User needs to share a file with their friends.
* It should be easy to edit a picture within the app.
# Requirements
What does the solution needs to ensure for being succesful?
For example:
* Work on small form factors and touch
* Use the Meson build system and integrate with it
# Relevant art
Is there any product that has implemented something similar? Put links to other
projects, pictures, links to other code, etc.
# Proposal & plan
<!-- What's the solution and how should be achieved? It can be split in smaller
tasks of minimum change, so they can be delivered across several releases. -->
/label ~"1. Epic"
Detailed description of the feature. Put as much information as you can.
Proposed Mockups:
(Add mockups of the proposed feature)
## Design Tasks
* [ ] design tasks
## Development Tasks
* [ ] development tasks
## QA Tasks
* [ ] qa (quality assurance) tasks
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