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We now have a preferences window, based on initial work by Maximiliano, for
setting a custom font and altering bell behaviour.

Some bugs in notifications, drag'n'drop, and assorted visual glitches were
resolved. Detaching/closing tabs had some minor correctness issues that have
now been mitigated, and tabs always have a label in switchers.

Once again Alice & Chris helped us keep up with changes in Adwaita and Gtk.

Thanks to Jacob Duba you can now zoom with Ctrl-Scroll, and Martin Nowak
improved keyboard shortcuts for managing tabs.

Stuart added telnet as a ‘remote’ type, with Sebastian Wiesner, Jonas Ådahl,
and Automeris, also providing patches in this release.

Updated Translations
 * Basque  (Asier Sarasua Garmendia)
 * British English  (Bruce Cowan)
 * Persian  (Danial Behzadi)
 * Georgian  (Ekaterine Papava)
 * German  (Florian Heiser)
 * Italian  (Gianvito Cavasoli)
 * Brazilian Portuguese  (Gustavo Costa)
 * Dutch  (Nathan Follens)
 * Latvian  (Rūdolfs Mazurs)
 * Ukrainian  (Yuri Chornoivan)