Commit 120b1cf6 authored by Avi Wadhwa's avatar Avi Wadhwa
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delete all previous listboxrows

parent f2847782
......@@ -188,6 +188,7 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
first_mimetype = mimetype.split("/")[0]
second_mimetype = mimetype.split("/")[1]
name = entry.get_name()
# hide folders, hidden files and desktop files
if first_mimetype != "inode" and name.startswith('.') == False and name.endswith('.desktop') == False and name.endswith('~') == False:
......@@ -254,13 +255,15 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
# When any location is clicked on homescreen
def row_activated(self, widget, row):
#TODO loop and delete all listboxrows
# loop and delete all previous file ListBoxRows
#children = self.all_location_list.get_children()
#children_length = len(children)
#for entry in range (0, children_length):
# self.all_location_list.remove(children[entry])
# loop and delete all previous all ListBoxRows
list_of_listboxes = [self.application_list,self.archives_list,
for current_location_list in list_of_listboxes:
children = current_location_list.get_children()
children_length = len(children)
for entry in range (0, children_length):
row_index = row.get_index()
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