Commit 08c16fcd authored by Avi Wadhwa's avatar Avi Wadhwa
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make files alphabetically sorted, remove 'todos's (shift them to its own file)

parent 120b1cf6
map back button to Alt+Left
make icon
make a popover + function to move the files to different categories or remove them
make the move button work and move the files
get progress bar for the same
in app notification for when moving is done (or global notification if no focus)
add a code category
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ import threading
application = { # DOCUMENTS
application_mimetypes = { # DOCUMENTS
"rtf": "text",
"msword": "text",
"vnd.sun.xml.writer": "text",
......@@ -121,7 +121,6 @@ application = { # DOCUMENTS
"x-mobipocket-ebook": "ebooks",
"x-mobipocket-subscription-magazine": "ebooks",
"x-mobi8-ebook": "ebooks"
#TODO add code category
# array mapping each xdg folder with the GtkList options 1-6
......@@ -162,8 +161,7 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
spreadsheets_list = GtkTemplate.Child()
text_list = GtkTemplate.Child()
video_list = GtkTemplate.Child()
#TODO open popover with all ListBox's, see how Lollypop does it
#file_popover = Gtk.Builder().add_objects_from_resource("/avi/wad/Organizer/window.ui", "file_popover")
__gtype_name__ = 'OrganizerWindow'
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
......@@ -177,8 +175,21 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
# files function separated, for threading
def print_mimes(self, directory):
# instantiate Gio directory
# set arrays for file lists
archives = []
ebooks = []
fonts = []
illustrations = []
image = []
audio = []
application = []
presentations = []
spreadsheets = []
text = []
video = []
# instantiate Gio directory
Gio_directory = Gio.File.new_for_path(directory).enumerate_children("*", Gio.FileQueryInfoFlags(1), None)
# loop through FileInfo objects
......@@ -192,37 +203,38 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
# hide folders, hidden files and desktop files
if first_mimetype != "inode" and name.startswith('.') == False and name.endswith('.desktop') == False and name.endswith('~') == False:
application_mimetype = application_mimetypes.get(second_mimetype)
if first_mimetype == "application" and application_mimetype:
if application_mimetype:
categories = [archives, ebooks, fonts, illustrations, image, audio, application, presentations, spreadsheets, text, video]
category_names = ["archives", "ebooks", "fonts", "illustrations", "image", "audio", "application", "presentations", "spreadsheets", "text", "video"]
for index, category in enumerate(categories):
category = sorted(category, key=str.lower)
for entry in category:
row = Gtk.Builder()
# add GtkListBoxRow for each file in respective stack/category
#TODO get popover for GtkListBox to move files to different categories, etc
row.add_objects_from_resource("/avi/wad/Organizer/row.ui", ("file_row", "filename_label"))
file_row = row.get_object("file_row")
filename_label = row.get_object("filename_label")
#TODO add to arrays and add that to list for sorting + future editing (moving)
if first_mimetype != "application":
GLib.idle_add(eval("self."+first_mimetype+"_list").add, file_row)
application_mimetype = application.get(second_mimetype)
if application_mimetype:
GLib.idle_add(eval("self."+application_mimetype+"_list").add, file_row)
GLib.idle_add(eval("self."+first_mimetype+"_list").add, file_row)
GLib.idle_add(eval("self."+category_names[index]+"_list").add, file_row)
# Hide the spinner from start screen
GLib.idle_add(self.gtk_stack.set_visible_child, self.stack_2)
# Back Button
def go_back_clicked_cb(self, button):
# if is folded (mobile mode) and leaflet model is 2nd (on content), then make child 1 (go to sidebar). otherwise actual back to startscreen
# if is folded on content then go to sidebar, otherwise actual back to startscreen
if self.stack_2.get_fold().value_name == "HDY_FOLD_FOLDED" and self.stack_2.get_visible_child().get_name() == "GtkStack":
#TODO map this to Alt+left keyboard shortcut
# hide the back button and go to start screen
......@@ -235,9 +247,6 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
dialog.set_authors(['Avi Wadhwa'])
dialog.set_artists(["lol there's no artwork"])
# TODO: get icon
......@@ -265,6 +274,7 @@ class OrganizerWindow(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
for entry in range (0, children_length):
row_index = row.get_index()
# Open filechooser if "other" option clicked
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