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not being able to apply changes can be a software issue as well.

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......@@ -982,7 +982,7 @@ show_apply_titlebar (CcDisplayPanel *panel, gboolean is_applicable)
gtk_header_bar_set_title (GTK_HEADER_BAR (panel->apply_titlebar), _("Changes Cannot be Applied"));
gtk_header_bar_set_subtitle (GTK_HEADER_BAR (panel->apply_titlebar), _("This could be due to hardware limitations."));
gtk_header_bar_set_subtitle (GTK_HEADER_BAR (panel->apply_titlebar), _("This could be due to hardware/software limitations."));
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (panel->apply_titlebar_apply, is_applicable);
  • After speaking to my coworker at system76 and experiencing a display issue where we swapped cables and the issue was still there the wording can be a bit better. The core issue in our case was that one display was covered by the other in the Display Settings and moving that allowed us to apply the changes (we found this since we could mirror the displays with no issue).

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