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Rhythmbox 0.13.1

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Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 0.13.1 "So Tired"
* Support for MPRIS version 2
* RhythmDBEntryType converted to a GObject to improve binding sanity
* Improved handling of files on unmounted devices and network shares
- Only attempts to check files on core filesystems and mounted local
- Doesn't check files on network shares, relying on playback error
reporting to identify missing files
* New less annoying method of handling invocation for media player devices
* rhythmbox-client now waits long enough to control a newly started instance
* More reliably imports and plays files specified on the command line
(opening a file with nautilus will now do something useful most of the time)
* Use the current sorting column for typeahead searching
* Extended (static) vala bindings
* Initial implementation of the Rygel MediaServer2 D-Bus specification
Bugs fixed:
329984 - Type-ahead should work for any visible column
482813 - rhythmbox-client --enqueue doesn't work if uri not in library
488308 - blocks for 25s after volume key press sometimes
498582 - rhythmbox-client --enqueue won't cope with equals sign
544154 - RB to realize unmounted remote libraries
581076 - expansion of Vala bindings coverage
609542 - Signal for announcing end of "startup" phase i.e. scanning sources
623024 - Sync mp3 songs with MTP device failed
623153 - Different pop-up menu layout in playlists creation
623667 - Album Art not working - MTP
623992 - Compile errors in rhythmbox 0.13
624646 - New Default Rhythmbox Radio Stations
624895 - Rhythmbox fails to compile with libdmapsharing 2.0, DAAP plugin fails to enable.
625103 - gst encoder must strdup media_type
625105 - Sync state UI cannot show media disk usage >4GB on 32-bit OS
625124 - Improve RBEncoder and RBTrackTransferBatch error handling
625130 - Change encoding filter order
625375 - Crash in process_tag at rb-player-gst.c line 204
626608 - Add support for seek in rhythmbox-client
626986 - Please fix escaping of UTF-chars in ui file
627050 - metadata crawler aborts when files are modified
627396 - Switch to full-screen or leave full-screen visualization by double clicking the visualization canvas
627949 - IM Status plugin crashing with AttributeError: 'rhythmdb.EntryType' object has no attribute 'category'
627951 - crash on closing with g_hash_table_iter_init
628076 - Rhythmbox crashes on startup
628254 - segfault: trying to change properties of a song
Code contributors:
Andrea Del Signore
Bastien Nocera
Brian Cameron
Daniel Hams
Gabor Kelemen
Jonathan Matthew
Karl Ljungkvist
Philipp Kerling
Scott J. Goldman
Wladimir Leuschner
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
New and updated translations:
- cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
- de, courtesy of Mario Blättermann
- en_GB, courtesy of Bruce Cowan
- eo, courtesy of Kristjan SCHMIDT
- es, courtesy of Jorge González
- et, courtesy of Mattias Põldaru
- fr, courtesy of Claude Paroz
- gl, courtesy of Fran Dieguez
- hu, courtesy of Gabor Kelemen
- ja, courtesy of Kiyotaka NISHIBORI
- nb, courtesy of Kjartan Maraas
- nn, courtesy of Åsmund Skjæveland
- pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg
- pt_BR, courtesy of Djavan Fagundes
- pt, courtesy of Filipe Gomes
- ru, courtesy of Yuri Myasoedov
- sl, courtesy of Andrej Žnidaršič
- sr, courtesy of Милош Поповић
- sr@latin, courtesy of Miloš Popović
- sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
- zh_CN, courtesy of YunQiang Su
Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 0.13.0 "Albatross"
General Information
This is Rhythmbox version 0.13.0. Rhythmbox is your one-stop multimedia
This is Rhythmbox version 0.13.1. Rhythmbox is your one-stop multimedia
application, supporting a music library, multiple playlists,
internet radio, and more.
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ GNOME_MAINTAINER_MODE_DEFINES
# Increment on interface addition, reset on removal
# Increment on interface add, remove, or change
# Increment on source change, reset when CURRENT changes.
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