Commit 0c8e3369 authored by Andrei Lisita's avatar Andrei Lisita 🎮

ephy-shell: Don't interpret null arguments as empty string when adding platform data

This caused an inconsistency in ephy_startup_continue():
ctx->arguments would be null when the primary instance was launched and
not null when a secondary instance was launched (in both cases the instance
would be launched without arguments in the CLI, hence the inconsistency).
parent 028f7f58
......@@ -117,11 +117,24 @@ ephy_shell_startup_continue (EphyShell *shell,
EphyShellStartupContext *ctx)
EphySession *session = ephy_shell_get_session (shell);
gboolean new_window_option = (ctx->startup_mode == EPHY_STARTUP_NEW_WINDOW);
if (ctx->session_filename != NULL) {
g_assert (session != NULL);
ephy_session_load (session, (const char *)ctx->session_filename,
ctx->user_time, NULL, NULL, NULL);
} else if (new_window_option) {
static const char *default_uris[] = { "", NULL };
const char **uris = NULL;
if (ctx->arguments)
uris = (const char **)ctx->arguments;
/* If there are no URLs passed in arguments but the --new-window option */
/* has been used, then use the default_uris list to open the homepage */
uris = default_uris;
ephy_shell_open_uris (shell, uris, ctx->startup_mode, ctx->user_time);
} else if (ctx->arguments || !session) {
/* Don't queue any window openings if no extra arguments given, */
/* since session autoresume will open one for us. */
......@@ -531,8 +544,6 @@ ephy_shell_add_platform_data (GApplication *application,
EphyShell *app;
EphyShellStartupContext *ctx;
GVariantBuilder *ctx_builder;
static const char *empty_arguments[] = { "", NULL };
const char * const *arguments;
app = EPHY_SHELL (application);
......@@ -562,13 +573,9 @@ ephy_shell_add_platform_data (GApplication *application,
* the primary instance opens a new window.
if (ctx->arguments)
arguments = (const gchar * const *)ctx->arguments;
arguments = empty_arguments;
g_variant_builder_add (ctx_builder, "{iv}",
g_variant_new_strv (arguments, -1));
g_variant_builder_add (ctx_builder, "{iv}",
g_variant_new_strv ((const char **)ctx->arguments, -1));
g_variant_builder_add (ctx_builder, "{iv}",
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