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updated roadmap

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2006-01-12 Dom Lachowicz <>
* TODO: updated our roadmap
2006-01-11 Dom Lachowicz <>
* Bug #326485 merits a 2.13.5 release
High Priority (absolutely must be done before our next major release - GNOME 3.0):
Higher priority:
* Implement a Cairo RsvgRender backend (
* Enables us to draw directly onto X11 Drawables, OSX/Quartz, and Win32 HDCs, rather than a RGBA buffer that later gets composited.
* Enables printing to PS/PDF.
* Ensures that our baby isn't thrown out with the bathwater in GNOME 3.0, where libart's (stupid...) deprecation takes effect.
* Split librsvg into several separate libraries in order to decrease dependencies and increase modularity
* librsvg-base
* librsvg-libart
* librsvg-cairo
* ...
* Stabilize the API/ABI for the GNOME 3.0 timeframe
* Give librsvg a thorough valgrinding and a code/organizational sanity check. No memleaks or errors are acceptable.
* Pay special attention to be sure that the RsvgRenders get free'd.
* Split out the libart and cairo code into their own subdirs.
* Try to pass much of the SVG 1.1 static conformance test
* Try to pass as many tests as possible. We're shooting for 90% +.
* Upload the tests and our results into a matrix online somewhere, maybe Wiki-based.
* Speed improvements whenever possible
* Some initial tests show that using Cairo instead of libart for SVG->PNG might be a big win.
* Decrease memory usage whenever possible
* Make our GdkPixbuf dependency optional, for broader adoption in other communities (eg. OpenGL games). We'll want to use
ARGB internally. We'll keep the GdkPixbuf-based public interface around, but split up the libraries somewhat. We may want
to use it to load PNGs/JPEGs/etc., but that piece of code's implementation will be flexible so that it isn't exclusively
dependant on GdkPixbuf.
* Improvements to the Mozilla plugin
* Possibly use a Cairo backend to draw directly onto Mozilla's Drawable, rather than using our XEmbed hack.
......@@ -41,7 +20,7 @@ High Priority (absolutely must be done before our next major release - GNOME 3.0
* Support input from stdin
* Areas in need of improvement:
* Switch/conditionals
* multiImage
* Text
* Whitespace issues
* "International" issues - bi-directional, top->bottom, etc.
......@@ -57,7 +36,6 @@ High Priority (absolutely must be done before our next major release - GNOME 3.0
Lower Priority:
* Any SVG 1.2 features that we want to sneak in. SVG 1.2 conformance is not a priority. Top candidates include:
* <multiImage>
* <pageSet>
* Improved GError support in the loader and error propegation, rather then the g_warnings that we currently use.
......@@ -70,5 +48,3 @@ Lower Priority:
* DOM interface, possibly javascript bindings.
* Animation, should be easier if DOM is done right.
* Interfaces for drawing parts of the image.
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