Commit 0853a737 authored by Darin Adler's avatar Darin Adler

Release notes for 1.1.1.

	* NEWS: Release notes for 1.1.1.
parent 4d98f619
2002-01-08 Darin Adler <>
* NEWS: Release notes for 1.1.1.
2002-01-04 Darin Adler <>
Version 1.1.1
- Ported to Gnome 2 (Ramiro, Darin)
- Ported to Pango instead of using FreeType directly (Darin)
- Replace FILE-based API with data pushing API (Jonathan)
- Use pkgconfig rather than config scripts or .m4 files (Ramiro)
- Use stuff from libart rather than having our own copies (Darin)
- Move art_render_mask into libart (Darin)
- Use locale-independent functions for parsing the XML files,
not <ctype.h>, which is locale dependent (Darin)
- Other misc. API cleanups (Jonathan).
- Fix NULL-dereference bugs in gradient code (Darin)
- Fix handling of empty .svg files (Darin)
- Measures strings propertly taking affine into account (Darin)
- Fix empty struct portability problem (Darin)
- Other build fixes (Owen, Jacob, Anders)
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