1. 20 Mar, 2019 3 commits
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    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: use build_by_default in cargo-build target · 8898fd6e
      Christopher Davis authored
      build_always_stale is deprecated and build_by_default can be
      used now that we don't have build.rs.
      Requires that we list our sources.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Place target in meson build dir · 7a77f31a
      Christopher Davis authored
      Instead of putting target/ and target_test/ in the source
      directory, we can tell our cargo script to put both target
      and our cargo-home in meson's build directory.
      In addition, makes tests and builds use the same target
      directory, significantly reducing the time it takes to run tests.
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      build: use add_dist_script for vendoring · 78f29e72
      Christopher Davis authored
      Our workaround for getting meson and cargo working together
      included a separate 'release' target that replaced
      'ninja dist' so that we could vendor dependencies.
      Now we use meson's add_dist_script to vendor the
      dependencies as part of 'ninja dist', so we no longer need
      the 'release' target.
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      build: hook up tests with meson · 92e20067
      Christopher Davis authored
      Adds our cargo test to meson's testing system so that
      `ninja test` runs it in addition to our resource validation tests.
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Build resources with meson instead of build.rs · 5b2edc73
      Christopher Davis authored
      Allows us to get rid of build.rs, which was only used to
      compile resources. static_resource.rs is now created by
      meson, and the meson path is used for include_bytes!.
      Closes #55
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      build: Use config.rs instead of env! macro · 395e31ff
      Christopher Davis authored
      Previously we were using the env! macro to determine
      build-time variables like version, app ID, and locale dir.
      Instead of relying on env vars, we can create a configuration
      file with meson and import it.
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    • Daniel García Moreno's avatar
      Translation support and initial spanish translation · bea49153
      Daniel García Moreno authored
      Added translation support based on the Fractal i18n. To do this I've
      added the gettext-rs crate dep. I'm using my own fork because the
      official gettext-rs release includes the gettext source files and that
      increase the distribution package a lot and for distribution with
      flatkap we don't need to build gettext, the lib is in the gnome sdk. So
      this gettext-rs fork is the same, but removing the not needed gettext
      source files.
      The i18n.rs file adds some useful functions to translate strings. These
      functions wraps the original gettext and adds more functionality, to be
      able to translate compound strings, something that's not supported by
      the gettext function.
      The 'i18n' function works like the gettext, receives a plain string
      without params.
      The 'i18n_f' function receives a string with "{}" and a ref to an array
      of &str with substitutions for the "{}" in the original string. The
      substitution is done by order.
      The 'i18n_k' function receives a string with "{named}" and a ref to an
      array of (&str, &str) with substitutions for the "{named}" in the
      original string. The substitution is done by name, where the first &str
      in the tuple is the name and the second the string to use for the
      This mod also include ni18n variants of the three functions for plural
      and singular translations.
      I've also created the spanish translation.
      See #61
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