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Change translation instructions to steer the translator to the translation platform D-L, to follow the proper workflow of the language teams.
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......@@ -88,20 +88,10 @@ There are also some minor tasks tagged with `TODO:` and `FIXME:` in the source c
### Translations
If you want to add a new language you should update the file
`podcasts-gtk/po/LINUGAS` and add the new lang to the list.
To generate .pot files you should run:
ninja -C _build gnome-podcasts-pot
To generate .po files you should run:
ninja -C _build gnome-podcasts-update-po
Translation of this project takes place on the GNOME translation platform,
[Damned Lies]( For further
information on how to join a language team, or even to create one, please see
[GNOME Translation Project wiki page](
## Overview
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