Commit 5c333291 authored by Jordan Petridis's avatar Jordan Petridis 🌱

Move temporary downloads to XDG_CACHE/Downloads.

parent 6bd391d8
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ fn download_into(dir: &str, file_title: &str, url: &str) -> Result<String> {
// Construct a temp file to save desired content.
// It has to be a `new_in` instead of new cause rename can't move cross filesystems.
let tempdir = TempDir::new_in(dir, "temp_download")?;
let tempdir = TempDir::new_in(HAMMOND_CACHE.to_str().unwrap(), "temp_download")?;
let out_file = format!("{}/temp.part", tempdir.path().to_str().unwrap(),);
// Save requested content into the file.
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