Verified Commit 3c4574f2 authored by Jordan Petridis's avatar Jordan Petridis 🌱

scripts/ Don't keep build-dirs

parent 62029f61
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ export CONFIGURE_ARGS="-Dprofile=development"
export DBUS_ID="org.gnome.PodcastsDevel"
export BUNDLE="org.gnome.Podcasts.Devel.flatpak"
flatpak-builder --stop-at=${FLATPAK_MODULE} --keep-build-dirs --force-clean app ${MANIFEST_PATH}
flatpak-builder --stop-at=${FLATPAK_MODULE} --force-clean app ${MANIFEST_PATH}
# Force regeneration of gresources regardless of artifacts chage
flatpak-builder --run app ${MANIFEST_PATH} glib-compile-resources --sourcedir=podcasts-gtk/resources/ podcasts-gtk/resources/resources.xml
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