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h-gtk: Write doc comment for aboutdialog.

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......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ pub struct Header {
impl Default for Header {
fn default() -> Header {
let builder = gtk::Builder::new_from_resource("/org/gnome/Hammond/gtk/headerbar.ui");
let menus = gtk::Builder::new_from_resource("/org/gnome/Hammond/gtk/menus.ui");
let header = builder.get_object("headerbar").unwrap();
let add_toggle = builder.get_object("add_toggle").unwrap();
......@@ -42,7 +43,6 @@ impl Default for Header {
let update_label = builder.get_object("update_label").unwrap();
let update_spinner = builder.get_object("update_spinner").unwrap();
let menu_button = builder.get_object("menu_button").unwrap();
let menus = gtk::Builder::new_from_resource("/org/gnome/Hammond/gtk/menus.ui");
let app_menu = menus.get_object("menu").unwrap();
Header {
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ use gtk::prelude::*;
// Totally copied it from fractal.
/// Given a `window` create and attach an `gtk::AboutDialog` to it.
  • a or an? looks a little bit odd as an

  • well I think(not a native English speaker) it depends on how you read it.

    If you read gtk::AboutDialog I guess it should be a, but if you read AboutDialog then I think it should an.

    Initially I had written just AboutDialog but then Added gtk:: for clearance.

    In any case feel free to propose any changes that might improve the project no matter how small/big they are.

  • yes without the gtk:: an does make sense

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pub fn about_dialog(window: &gtk::Window) {
// Feel free to add yourself if you contribured.
let authors = &[
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