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<release version="0.4.5" date="2018-08-31"/>
<release version="0.4.5" date="2018-08-31">
Podcasts 0.4.5 brings a month of bug fixes, performance improvements and initial tranlations support.
<li>Finish, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, German, Galician, Indonesian, Korean Translations were added.</li>
<li>Views now adapt better to different window sizes, thanks to libhandy HdyColumn</li>
<li>The update indacator was moved to an In-App notification</li>
<li>Performance improvments when loading Show Cover images.</li>
<li>Improved handling of HTTP Redirects</li>
<release version="0.4.4" date="2018-07-31">
This is the first release available from Flathub!
<url type="homepage"></url>
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