[0.4.7] - 2019-10-23




  • Improved appdata validation and meson tests !89
  • The ability to export show subscriptions to opml files !77
  • Support for feeds requiring authentication !120


  • Episodes now have a checkmark to show whether or not they've been played !106
  • Changed to how errors are shown when adding podcasts !108 !109 !110
  • Improved integration of cargo and meson !94
  • Refactored some macros for error handling !82
  • Refactored the handling of styling changes !119
  • Updated the icon to better match the HIG guidlines #102
  • Made Podcasts use a GtkApplication subclass !113
  • Updated the MPRIS permissions in order to remove a sandbox hole !124
  • Bumped gtk and libhandy minimum versions


  • Rewind now works regardless if its the start or the end of the episode !83
  • Typos in the README and CONTRIBUTING docs World/podcast!97 World/podcast!98 World/podcast!99 !121
  • Show cover is reset properly now if there isn't an image #114
  • Query pairs are no longer stripped from URLs !111
  • Pause MPRIS button now works on KDE Plasma #115
  • The playback widget now properly reflects the playback state on episode change !116


  • All preferences World/podcast!104