[0.4.1] - 2018-07-26


  • Custom icons for the fast-forward and rewind actions in the Player were added. (Tobias Bernard) e7700007
  • Hicolor and symbolic icons for the Application. (Tobias Bernard and Sam Hewitt) edae1b04
  • Basic prefferences dialog (Zander Brown). 34
  • Dbus service preperation. Not used till the MPRIS2 integration has landed. (Zander Brown) 42
  • Episodes and Images will only get drawn when needed. Big Performance impact. (Jordan Petridis) 43


  • The ShowWidget control button were moved to a secondary menu in the Headerbar. (Jordan Petridis) 53680579
  • EmptyView layout improvements. (Jorda Petridis) 3c3d6c1e 518ea9c8
  • Improved the AddButton behavior. (Jorda Petridis) 67ab54f8


  • A couple reffence cycles where fixed. (Jorda Petridis)


  • The delay between the application startup and the update_on_startup action. (Jorda Petridis) 7569465a