Commit faea7a2c authored by Jordan Williams's avatar Jordan Williams Committed by Jordan Petridis
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Annotate NewShow test-only getters with #[cfg(test)]

The two new getters are only used for tests.
It makes sense to annotate them as such.
The #[cfg(test)] replaces the previous #[allow(dead_code)] annotation.

One of the existing getters had an unnecessary #[allow(dead_code)].
This has also been removed to keep things tidy.
parent 269800bf
......@@ -166,7 +166,6 @@ impl NewShow {
// Ignore the following geters. They are used in unit tests mainly.
impl NewShow {
pub(crate) fn source_id(&self) -> i32 {
......@@ -187,12 +186,12 @@ impl NewShow {
self.image_uri.as_ref().map(|s| s.as_str())
pub fn image_uri_hash(&self) -> Option<i64> {
pub(crate) fn image_cached(&self) -> Option<NaiveDateTime> {
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