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# Pika Backup
Simple backups based on borg
Doing backups the easy way. Plugin your USB drive and let the Pika do the rest for you.
<li>Setup new backup repositories or uses existing ones</li>
<li>Create backups locally and remote</li>
<li>Save time and disk space because Pika Backup does not need to copy known data again</li>
<li>Encrypt your backups</li>
<li>List created archives and browse through their contents</li>
<li>Recover files or folders via your file browser</li>
Pika Backup is powered by the well-tested borg-backup software.
Pika Backup currently does not support scheduled backups. Excluding files from a backup via regular expressions and alike is not supported yet. Remote backup locations must support SSH and need to have a borg-backup binary installed.
## Build
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$ ./build-aux/flatpak-build.bash
## Debug
Run with `RUST_LOG` set to debug or trace. For example
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