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# Changelog
## 0.3.0 (UNRELEASED)
- Adds basic explanation to URL field when creating new repository
- Adds button to unmount archives
- Adds estimate for remaining time to complete backup
- Adds translations to several new languages
- Adds warning for creating repositories on non-journaling file systems
- Changes backups to differentiate between warnings and errors
- Changes borg processes to lower priority
- Changes config file to be `backup.json` instead of `config.json`
- Changes history storage from config file to separate `history.json`
- Changes several messages to be more understandable
- Changes to a limited amount of borg reconnect attempts
- Changes to continue backups while ui is closed
- Changes to more concrete dialog responses than "No/Yes"
## 0.2.2 (2021-03-23)
- Fixes archives listed with wrong creation time
......@@ -25,9 +25,15 @@ Pika Backup is powered by the well-tested borg-backup software.
Currently, scheduled backups are not supported. Excluding files from a backup via regular expressions and alike is not implemented yet. Pika Backup is designed to save your personal data and does not support complete system recovery.
![Pika Backup Screenshot](/uploads/cdaa38a5dbe5fb091f4f0761bac5273f/pika-backup-1.png)
![Pika Backup Screenshot](
### Alternative software
### The Name
The name “Pika Backup” derives from the American pika. Pikas are small mammals belonging to the lagomorphs. The American pika is known for caching food in skillfully constructed haypiles. Techniques used by American pikas for building haypiles include: storing piles below overhanging rocks, using certain plants which inhibit bacterial growth as preservative and preferring plants with high nutrition value for haying. Last but not least, pikas do not only create very sophisticated haypiles but are quick in collecting vegetation as well.
Frequent rumors that this software's name is related to a monster with electrical abilities are unfounded.
### Alternative Software
- [Vorta](, borg-backup as backend, supports scheduled backups, Qt frontend for advanced users
- [Déjà Dup Backups](, duplicity (librsync) as backend, supports scheduled backups, GTK frontend
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