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Expands on Metaolm's storage model

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......@@ -24,6 +24,18 @@ and a TerminateReq at the end:
.. image:: init_sequence.png
Data Storage
As you can see by the diagram above, Metaolm itself doesn't store data.
The storage of data is to be handled by the client. Interaction with Metaolm is
done with the Load/Store/StorageRsp packets.
The way Metaolm organises the storage of data is with database tables.
It is recommended for a client utilising Metaolm to organise its data in
a relational database.
.. expand on identifiers and table storage with an example
Enabling E2EE in a room
In order to enable E2EE in a room, the client will have to send a
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