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    autotools to meson (#1145) · cdfd1319
    Bilal Elmoussaoui authored and Cédric Bellegarde's avatar Cédric Bellegarde committed
    * autotools to meson
    * add missing files (due to .gitignore)
    * update .appdata to the latest version
    * add help, po & portal as submodules
    * remove portal from submodules, include po & help into meson.build
    * bump version number
    * add gnome module (needed for yelp)
    * update install instructions & dependecies
    * cleaner README3
    * move po & help to subprojects directory
    * remove folders
    * update git modules
    * Update po path
    * update submodules
    * add meson post install & fixes lollypop-sp destnation
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