Commit a5e84aee authored by Carlos Soriano 's avatar Carlos Soriano

Merge branch 'fix-string-memory-management' into 'master'

add const on gchar(s) of CloudProvider.Account

See merge request !34
parents f548b38e e57d1f37
Pipeline #35881 canceled with stage
......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ cloud_providers_account_init (CloudProvidersAccount *self)
* Returns: The name of the cloud provider account
const gchar*
cloud_providers_account_get_name (CloudProvidersAccount *self)
return self->name;
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ cloud_providers_account_get_status (CloudProvidersAccount *self)
* Returns: The status detail description of the cloud provider account
const gchar*
cloud_providers_account_get_status_details (CloudProvidersAccount *self)
return self->status_details;
......@@ -460,7 +460,7 @@ cloud_providers_account_get_action_group (CloudProvidersAccount *self)
* Returns: The directory path of the cloud provider account
gchar *
const gchar *
cloud_providers_account_get_path (CloudProvidersAccount *self)
return self->path;
......@@ -52,13 +52,13 @@ struct _CloudProvidersAccountClass
CloudProvidersAccount *cloud_providers_account_new (GDBusProxy *proxy);
gchar* cloud_providers_account_get_name (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
const gchar* cloud_providers_account_get_name (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
CloudProvidersAccountStatus cloud_providers_account_get_status (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
gchar* cloud_providers_account_get_status_details (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
const gchar* cloud_providers_account_get_status_details (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
GIcon *cloud_providers_account_get_icon (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
GMenuModel *cloud_providers_account_get_menu_model (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
GActionGroup* cloud_providers_account_get_action_group (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
gchar *cloud_providers_account_get_path (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
const gchar *cloud_providers_account_get_path (CloudProvidersAccount *self);
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