Commit d9a54382 authored by Christopher Davis's avatar Christopher Davis 🌱

color-selection: Take hex codes that don't start with "#"

Previously if a user input a valid hex code, but left out
"#", `gdk_rgba_parse ()` would fail.

This commit ensures that we prepend "#" before parsing, so
that codes without it are still handled properly.

Closes #109
parent 5b7418aa
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......@@ -1960,8 +1960,8 @@ get_screen_color (GtkWidget *button)
static void
hex_changed (UNUSED GtkWidget *hex_entry,
gpointer data)
hex_changed (GtkWidget *hex_entry,
gpointer data)
Gcolor3ColorSelection *colorsel;
Gcolor3ColorSelectionPrivate *priv;
......@@ -1975,6 +1975,11 @@ hex_changed (UNUSED GtkWidget *hex_entry,
text = gtk_editable_get_chars (GTK_EDITABLE (priv->hex_entry), 0, -1);
if (!g_str_has_prefix (text, "#"))
text = g_strconcat ("#", text, NULL);
if (gdk_rgba_parse (&color, text))
priv->color[COLORSEL_RED] =;
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