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README: Add new building instructions

Now that Color Picker uses new dependencies, flatpak
has become the best way to build it.
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Compile from source
To compile Gcolor3, you need the GTK+ 3 development packages and your
distribution's package containing the tools to compile packages.
You also need the [meson]( build system.
### GNOME Builder (Recommended)
When the build- and runtime dependencies of Gcolor3 have been installed, run the
following commands to build and install Gcolor3:
GNOME Builder is the environment used for the development of this
application. It can use Flatpak manifests to create a consistent building
and running environment cross-distro. Thus, it is highly recommended you
use it.
$ meson build
$ ninja -C build
# ninja -C build install
1. Download [GNOME Builder](
2. In Builder, click the "Clone Repository" button at the bottom, using ``
or `` as the URL.
3. Click the build button at the top once the project is loaded.
### Manual
If you feel at home in the terminal or would like to build outside of Builder,
these are the commands to use:
git clone
cd gcolor3
meson _build
ninja -C _build
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