Commit e78ea4c3 authored by Cédric Bellegarde's avatar Cédric Bellegarde

Some tweak in VideosPopover

parent 8dac2ea6
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......@@ -137,19 +137,6 @@ class ToolbarEnd(Gtk.Bin):
filechooser.connect("response", self.__on_save_response)
def save_videos(self, page_id):
Show a popover with videos for page_id
@param page_id as int
from eolie.menu_videos import VideosMenu
menu = VideosMenu(page_id, self.__window)
popover = Gtk.Popover.new_from_model(self.__download_button, menu)
popover.connect("closed", self.__on_video_menu_popover_closed, menu)
def move_control_in_menu(self, b):
Move home and download buttons in menu
......@@ -298,15 +285,6 @@ class ToolbarEnd(Gtk.Bin):
return True
def __on_video_menu_popover_closed(self, popover, model):
Clean menu
@param popover as Gtk.Popover
@param model as Gio.Menu
# Let model activate actions, idle needed to action activate
def __on_save_response(self, dialog, response_id):
Tell WebKit to save current page
......@@ -215,7 +215,10 @@ class WebViewMenuSignals:
@param action as Gio.SimpleAction
@param variant as GLib.Variant
from eolie.menu_videos import VideosMenu
menu = VideosMenu(self.get_page_id(), self._window)
popover = Gtk.Popover.new_from_model(self._window.toolbar, menu)
def __on_save_as_image_activate(self, action, variant):
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