Commit c0e27e7f authored by Cédric Bellegarde's avatar Cédric Bellegarde

Liberapay is not working since months, moving to Patreon :-/

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...@@ -512,14 +512,14 @@ class Container(Gtk.Overlay): ...@@ -512,14 +512,14 @@ class Container(Gtk.Overlay):
from eolie.app_notification import AppNotification from eolie.app_notification import AppNotification
notification = AppNotification( notification = AppNotification(
_("Please consider a donation to the project"), _("Please consider a donation to the project"),
[_("PayPal"), _("Liberapay")], [_("PayPal"), _("Patreon")],
[lambda: Gtk.show_uri_on_window( [lambda: Gtk.show_uri_on_window(
App().active_window, App().active_window,
"", "",
lambda: Gtk.show_uri_on_window( lambda: Gtk.show_uri_on_window(
App().active_window, App().active_window,
"", "",
self.add_overlay(notification) self.add_overlay(notification)
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