Commit 5c9af3b8 authored by Cédric Bellegarde's avatar Cédric Bellegarde

Fix crash

parent 1c98fde0
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...@@ -682,10 +682,10 @@ class UriPopover(Gtk.Popover): ...@@ -682,10 +682,10 @@ class UriPopover(Gtk.Popover):
@param button as Gtk.Button @param button as Gtk.Button
""" """
for row in self.__bookmarks_box.get_selected_rows(): for row in self.__bookmarks_box.get_selected_rows():
item_id = row.item.get_property("id")
if App().sync_worker is not None: if App().sync_worker is not None:
guid = App().bookmarks.get_guid(self.__bookmark_id) guid = App().bookmarks.get_guid(item_id)
App().sync_worker.remove_from_bookmarks(guid) App().sync_worker.remove_from_bookmarks(guid)
item_id = row.item.get_property("id")
App().bookmarks.remove(item_id) App().bookmarks.remove(item_id)
self.__bookmarks_box.remove(row) self.__bookmarks_box.remove(row)
self.__remove_button.hide() self.__remove_button.hide()
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