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= New to deja-dup? =
When making a non-trivial change, remember to add yourself to AUTHORS and help/C/
deja-dup uses meson, but for most development purposes, you can simply use the convenience top-level Makefile:
* To build: make
* To test: make check
* To install: make install DESTDIR=/tmp/deja-dup
When testing a change, it is helpful to run ./tests/shell (or shell-local if you want a silo'd dbus environment too)
That will give you a full shell pointing at all your built executables.
== Folder Layout ==
* libdeja: non-GUI library that wraps policy and hides complexity of duplicity
* deja-dup: GNOME UI for libdeja, including integration points with nautilus and control-center
* data: shared schemas, icons, etc
* vapi: some helper APIs for vala
== Flatpak ==
To build a local flatpak, run 'make flatpak'. You'll want an up-to-date flatpak-builder though.
If you're on Ubuntu:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexlarsson/flatpak
sudo apt update
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