Commit aa592d68 authored by Michael Terry's avatar Michael Terry

tests: and only pass --no-encryption to cleanup, restore, and list if asked

parent e0c08172
......@@ -110,11 +110,11 @@ string default_args(BackupRunner br, Mode mode = Mode.NONE, bool encrypted = fal
var restoredir = Path.build_filename(test_home, "restore");
if (mode == Mode.CLEANUP)
return "cleanup '--force' 'file://%s' '--gio' '--no-encryption' '--verbosity=9' '--gpg-options=--no-use-agent' '--archive-dir=%s/deja-dup' '--log-fd=?'".printf(backupdir, cachedir);
return "cleanup '--force' 'file://%s' '--gio' %s'--verbosity=9' '--gpg-options=--no-use-agent' '--archive-dir=%s/deja-dup' '--log-fd=?'".printf(backupdir, encrypted ? "" : "'--no-encryption' ", cachedir);
else if (mode == Mode.RESTORE)
return "'restore' '--gio' '--force' 'file://%s' '%s' '--no-encryption' '--verbosity=9' '--gpg-options=--no-use-agent' '--archive-dir=%s/deja-dup' '--log-fd=?'".printf(backupdir, restoredir, cachedir);
return "'restore' '--gio' '--force' 'file://%s' '%s' %s'--verbosity=9' '--gpg-options=--no-use-agent' '--archive-dir=%s/deja-dup' '--log-fd=?'".printf(backupdir, restoredir, encrypted ? "" : "'--no-encryption' ", cachedir);
else if (mode == Mode.LIST)
return "'list-current-files' '--gio' 'file://%s' '--no-encryption' '--verbosity=9' '--gpg-options=--no-use-agent' '--archive-dir=%s/deja-dup' '--log-fd=?'".printf(backupdir, cachedir);
return "'list-current-files' '--gio' 'file://%s' %s'--verbosity=9' '--gpg-options=--no-use-agent' '--archive-dir=%s/deja-dup' '--log-fd=?'".printf(backupdir, encrypted ? "" : "'--no-encryption' ", cachedir);
string source_str = "";
if (mode == Mode.DRY || mode == Mode.BACKUP)
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