Commit 9352adee authored by Michael Terry's avatar Michael Terry

don't let leading periods in ConfigLabelList screw up pango layout

parent 02208acb
......@@ -44,6 +44,18 @@ public class ConfigLabelList : ConfigLabel
foreach (File f in list) {
string s = yield DejaDup.get_nickname(f);
/* Make sure that any leading periods aren't treated as "breaking" by
pango and thus screwing up our wrapping layout.
Solution here is to use a character that *looks* like a period
(U+2024 ONE DOT LEADER) and follow it with a non-breaking invisible
character (U+2060 WORD JOINER). A huge hack. But I don't know how
to tell Pango to treat periods as non-breaking...
if (s.length > 1 && s.has_prefix("."))
s = s.splice(0, 1, "․\xE2\x81\xA0");
if (val != null)
val += ", %s".printf(s);
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